Palmetto Beef Is Out Of Business

To all of our loyal Palmetto Beef customers, thank you for your business over the past several years and for allowing us to serve you. We apologize that we are no longer able to provide the high quality, local grass-fed beef that you have grown accustomed to, but we are thankful for your support and hope our paths cross again.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away (Job 1:21), still we are thankful for every blessing this business has brought our way, namely that we had a chance to serve each one of you. It didn't last as long as we hoped, but we move forward with thankful hearts remembering that nothing lasts forever save the eternal kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. And today He is still on His throne, so it's all good here. Blessings to you all and thanks again!

Palmetto Beef is a Christian company. To find out what this means and why it is important to us, please visit What We Believe.